Fee Objection Mastery

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Jun 24
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Fee Objection Mastery

Leave your fears about fees at the door. Twelve months from now you will look back on this single session as a magical turnaround moment for you and your business. This single session may get you to Sunshine Island. You really should be paying a couple of thousand for this little workshop but because I love you…

  • Would you like to learn how to literally draw the psychology structure of any objection on a piece of paper so you know what you are really facing. This puts you in a position to collapse the legs and sunk the basis for the objection.
  • Then lets discuss how you can collapse potential objections in advance so high fees are expected and accepted and never even come up
  • But if you don’t have time to ‘prep’ the client you will need to know how to collapse last minute fee objections like when when a client says a draftsperson or builder can do the ‘same’ designs cheaper.
  • All I can do is stack the odds in your favour, there are at least 50% of enquiries who are not prospects or whom you should not accept as clients for a number of reasons. Let me show you the questions to ask that quickly qualify which clients you should walk from to save your sanity, and so you have time to deliver for those who value great design

You will be given simple scripts you can use or adapt. Everything will be super simple. Projects you would have lost before can be turned around without having to discount your fees once you have the right phrases. Imagine if one hour could remove your number one obstacle then that hour could be the most profitable turnaround moment of your design life.

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