How To Create A Smashing, Client-Getting Presentation

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Aug 11

​How To Create A Smashing, Client-Getting Presentation

Discover the secrets of the world’s greatest presenters and pitch-artists (and how you can use their simple recipe to make sure your presentations are 'unforgettable').

If you do any work for institutional or public clients, you're familiar with the typical "dog and pony show" live presentation that is usually a part of this process. Last year I sat on the interview panel for one of these for my local school district. I listened as 8 architecture firms "hawked their wares", hoping to get in line for $120MM in bond construction work.

Unfortunately, most of the presentations were unremarkable and forgettable. Two stood out above the rest. One was chosen and one was not. In this presentation you'll discover why.

In this training you will learn:

  • ​How to get your potential clients to tell you exactly what they want to hear.
  • ​The exact 11-step formula for giving a magnetic presentation that can't be forgotten.
  • ​The critical error presentation error made by most architects.

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