How to Answer the Dreaded Client Question: “Why Should I Hire You?” using THE MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE MAP

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Oct 21
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How to Answer the Dreaded Client Question: “Why Should I Hire You?” using THE MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE MAP™

Why should I choose you?
You will discover how to answer the DREADED question ‘WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE YOU?’
If you are sick of losing good projects to inferior architects because you could not communicate your value clearly enough.
I am going to help you bake your very own Million Dollar Message.
Here’s what we are going to do. With my new SIX+MAP, it is as simple as baking a cake.

  • First we need to define the KEY ingredient, identifying WHO is a high value client for you
  • Then mix in a high value result - ‘doing’ doesn’t differentiate you but getting specific results that a specific client values does. This is the ultimate competitive advantage for an architect. No one does this step and it works like magic every time.
  • Pour in a cup of unique mechanism... you see claiming a great result can be met with skepticism, unless you have a unique ‘thing’, that no one else does, that gets a result no one else can get. So you need a superpower, secret weapon or a secret sauce. Learn what each of those mysterious tools are and how to deploy them to add your magic.
  • Next we add flavour, the persuasive spice used by the $7 billion dollar a year industry. This tool works so fast you can almost sell anything in 3 seconds, if you have the 2 key components.
  • Then we take all of these ingredients and fuse into a structured formula, like a mould.

What comes out of the oven is .... voilá ... your million dollar message (M$M).
You can infuse your M$M into your website, articles, bio and every piece of content that now acts like a whale whistle calling, and converting your ideal clients.

This is my new secret weapon.
And unlike a killer ad, or logos, or graphic, the M$M is fully transportable to ANY format. It’s a script. That means EVERY format containing your M$M gets supercharged and illuminates your competitive advantage like a lighthouse.
You will not see this training anywhere else, because it only exists here.

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