The LCC Method – The Incredible 7 Step Selling System For Architects and Designers

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Dec 05

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When you follow the magical LCC Method….

  • Clients magically follow your process for buying, so you don’t have to follow their process for not buying
  • You get paid for what you used to do for free
  • Your prospects get converted into clients in the first meeting

Course Logistics

To start learning and implementing The LCC Method, explore the modules and topics listed below (or on the left hand sidebar).

While you don't have to go in order, we recommend that you follow the sequence so you understand the foundation concepts before you jump into implementation and tactics.

Click the MARK COMPLETE button at the bottom of each page to record that you've gone through the contents of that page. Green dots in the course outline will make it easy to see what you've covered, and what remains for you to complete.

Click HERE or on the image above to download the LCC Method Workbook

NOTE: The LCC Method was formerly called the "Slow Selling System", and you will see references to this name in some of the videos. The system works slowly and deliberately to build rapport and guide potential clients through a process of increasing engagement. Instead of presenting a proposal for a design contract after one or two meetings, The LCC Method teaches you to go step by step through a carefully constructed process that will ultimately win you more projects.

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