Advanced Training

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Mar 24

This section of the website gives access to supplemental training on a wide variety of topics related to marketing and selling architectural services.

Click on any item in the left-hand sidebar (or in the Lesson Topics list below) to visit the page which will include a recorded video as well as links for downloading MP4 and MP3 files for convenient offline reference. You don't have to go through these in sequence.

In general, there have been training webinars each month since early 2015. There are a few gaps in this list, either because that month was skipped due to schedule conflicts, or because the session is listed in another section (such as "Interviews with Successful Members", shown lower in the sidebar).

Note that we highly recommend that you focus most of your marketing efforts on building and promoting the core automated offers that are set up as part of the SIX program. Additional learning (such as these presentations) is good, however implementation trumps education every time!

 - Eric Bobrow

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