The Mindset for Success in Selling Architectural Services

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Aug 11
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​The Mindset for Success in Selling Architectural Services

​The ability to sell your services well is a skill that will pay huge dividends over the life of your architecture career.
And yet, effective selling begins with the proper foundation.
In this training, you'll discover how to lay the proper foundation for success in selling architectural services.
You'll also discover:

  • ​The 4 powerful reasons why selling and persuasion is one of the most valuable skills you can develop in your career
  • ​The one word that increases the likelihood of getting what you want (in one study this resulted in a 'yes' 30% more times)
  • ​How to become more persuasive while lying at home like you are asleep
  • ​The strategic approach to selling that changes selling from awkward to fun

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