The Magic of Rapport

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May 23

​The Magic of Rapport

​​You WANT to win better projects
You NEED to win better projects
To win the better project you need to have the client KNOW LIKE and TRUST you.
Of those three research tell us TRUST is #1
(If we trust a surgeon he will cut our body open even though we don’t know him)
So what is the #1 factor that builds TRUST?
Get RAPPORT and suddenly a connection and a bond forms
Some people trigger rapport at first sight and fall in love
Others struggle with rapport and struggle to bond with others and dont win the project they deserve even if they are the better designer.
There is no more important skill to learn for winning in design or life that mastering rapport.
You are going to learn:

  • ​WHAT rapport really is and it’s not what you probably think
  • ​WHY rapport is essential to master and the reason you don’t win more projects
  • ​HOW to ‘do’ rapport step by step.

Let me give you everything you need to know in 60 life changing minutes.

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