Little Rich – Your AI Guide to SIX

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May 15

LITTLE RICH – Your AI Guide to SIX

Ask Little Rich any question you wish you wish about the SIX program or the marketing and sales strategies we teach. 

He's been trained on the contents of the member website, as well as supplementary AMI materials, and can help you understand concepts, apply them to your challenges and specific situations, and point you towards relevant resources.

After you get a response, feel free to ask for clarification and give feedback. Treat it like a real conversation with an intelligent assistant, and you will be pleasantly surprised by what it is able to do.

In addition to general questions, here are some special pre-programmed single word prompts you can try:

  • M$M - asks you a series of questions to help you create a Million Dollar Message
  • FAB - asks a series of questions to generate an FAB Statement

For these special instructions, it's often best NOT to add any words after the prompt (e.g. don't write "M$M for LCC"; simply input M$M, then as you work through the questions, you can instruct Little Rich that you are working on a marketing message related to an LCC).

Please give us feedback using the form at the bottom of the page, so we can improve the system and teach Little Rich to answer your questions better!


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Please give us suggestions, constructive criticism and/or positive feedback. It is particularly helpful if you let us know about anything that is unclear, misleading, incomplete or appears incorrect, so that we can train the guide better.


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