Databases Made Easy

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Aug 11

​Databases Made Easy

Do you have a list of firms or individuals you can contact to bring in new projects?

If you focus on a niche offering design services for businesses, organizations or government, you’ll find it especially useful to build up and maintain a database of potential clients.

Alternatively, if you do residential design, you can create a database of all the general contractors in your local area who are in position to refer work to you. Compiling a targeted list will help you find more referral sources to add to your inner circle or “dirty 30” list.

The ability to build a database fast and inexpensively is a valuable asset for any architect looking to get into a new niche. This training covers how to effectively build a database in a niche – even if you have never done it before.

(Note: We experienced some internet outage issues near the end of the call – but all the content was covered)

In this training you will learn:

  • ​The 4 Key Principles of building a database in your niche
  • ​Where to find your list and make sure there's enough contacts to make your database worthwhile
  • ​Why you shouldn't build a database yourself - and where to find people to do it for you fast and inexpensively

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