The Ultimate Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

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Sep 23

The Ultimate Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

Imagine you could get your potential clients to give you their architect hiring criteria before you even meet them for the first time.

Well you can: you either need to become a Jedi and learn mind control techniques OR get my pre-meeting questionnaire. I will give you a copy when you turn up for the live training and show you what to do.

  • what to do when you get the incoming call
  • what to send as homework before your first meeting
  • how to decode the answers in the questionnaire

This is not a normal questionnaire asking about colours and style preferences.

This is a questionnaire that uncovers their hot buttons and raw nerves and what will make them say ‘yes’ to you at the end of the meeting.If you are looking for the ultimate conversion tool then …. you are welcome.

The questionnaire will ONLY given to those who attend the live training.

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