Magic Arrows

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Oct 13

If my life was on the line and I had to get you results in less than 7 days, these are the magic arrows I would get you to fire off.

I’ve been working with architects and designers 5 days a week for the past 9 years. My 900+ members have tried everything, and I’ve been observing, very closely. I know what works.

Would you deploy these simple strategies, if you knew that each of them is going to earn you an extra $10k in fees this year? Of course you would. I’ve actually seen many do a lot better than this.

What if I also told you that all of them will only take you 90 minutes to deploy?
That would be great wouldn’t it.

Simple strategies, 90 minutes to deploy them all, high ROI, and results within days.
Pretty good investment of your time. 

Magic Arrow #1

Fee Objection Scripts

How much would a 10-15% increase in your fees be worth to you? ($10,000-30,000)

Most architect undercharge what they are worth. The client gets rich and the architect gets ripped off. When you set fees based on fear of how the client may react, you are discounting your value. You need stronger answers when the clients questions your fees.

  • You will learn the psychology of true value
  • How to train your own mind to feel your value and project certainty
  • What to say. Receive the scripts to melt the clients fee objections faster than ice cream dropped in a red hot fry pan.
  • You can raise your fees (and get what you deserve) because you can defend them with confidence.

Magic Arrow #2

Blue Line Strategy

How much extra money would have ended up in your pocket If you had been able to invoice 80% of the out of scope hours you did not charge for last year? ($5,000-30,000)

It staggers me how much out of scope work architects will do for free just to keep everyone else happy.

1) Maybe you fear the argument that unexpected fees might trigger - the client is already complaining about fees, so its just easier to do what needs to be done

2) Or maybe you justify by saying that your reputation is on the line, you need the project done right …so you just do the extra work without charging

Imagine being able to charge for 80% of the hours you currently give away for free now. Your billable hours go up and so does your income.

  • Discover how eliminating ‘out of scope’ grey areas happens before the project starts
  • Learn how to get specific about what is NOT included is as important and listing what IS included
  • Discover how to upgrade the client into higher fee packages (without any resistance) after the project has started.

Once you use the Blue Line Strategy you’ll never go back to your old way.

Magic Arrow #3

The Magic 9 Word Email

How much would an unexpected (out of the blue) project be worth to you? ($10,000-90,000)

Send 20 emails in the morning to clients whose projects went ‘on hold' or who just disappeared, and by the afternoon you’ll have a couple of people wanting to open discussions with you again.

  • Simply cut and paste the 9 words
  • Don’t change a thing
  • You’ll thank me later

This isn’t really magic, its just a numbers game, but you have to ask the question in the right way.
This is it

Magic Arrow # 4

The Magic FAB Formula

How much would you earn if you could suddenly win 2-3 dream projects each year, (that you aren’t winning now), because you learned to communicate extreme VALUE like no one else competing against you. ($100,000+)

I bet you are sick of being treated like a commodity, sick of being compared to lower qualified designers who charge less and sick of having to discount your services because you cannot fully explain why you are better (when it should be obvious).Fees are only a problem when value is a mystery. So let’s remove any mystery. Let’s communicate such a quantum leap in value so that your fees and competition become irrelevant.

  • Use the FAB to communicate the value of anything in 3 simple steps.
  • When you are an expert you know TOO MUCH. Your explanations are perfect for another architect but go straight over the heads of your clients. The FAB Formula allows you to speak the clients language
  • Win the projects you want but would not have won when your clients are hypnotised by your ability to translate what you do into how THEY win

It is not enough to know you deliver value, you have to be able communicate and prove your value. The FAB Formula is how you do it.

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