Creating A Custom Monkey’s Fist

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Mar 02
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How to create your custom Monkey's Fist

While you already will have access to the Project Planning Pack as a ​ monkey's fist ​so you can quickly set up your ​first funnel (and you can easily put together a 'Dream team Directory' for a second), I will ​go through the worksheet in this video and summarizes the areas you need to consider if you want to create ​your own custom Monkey's Fists.

Each monkey's fist funnel is like a fishing rod in the water, as long as there are fish where you are dropping your lines the more rods you have in thw water the more fish you will catch.


Download the Monkey's Fist Action Sheet PDF in the Resources section. Read through the general notes, then spend some time developing ideas you can use for your own custom Monkey's Fist.

Your custom Monkey's Fist can be added to your website by AMI or a web developer, and tied into your ArchReach lead capture system.

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