Power Positioning

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Aug 20
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Power Positioning

Would you like your niche to see you as their #1 option?
Then you need a superpower, secret sauce and a secret weapon and a structure for defining yourself that almost no other architect has.

The good news is, I have it, and will give it to you as we walk through the exercise this coming week.

How your market sees you starts by you defining how you want to be seen.
And then planting the symbols of power around yourself.
Position yourself as the most attractive option.

Learn how to

  • define your value
  • call out specifically the target market you want to attract
  • use your super power, secret sauce and secret weapon to dominate a high value niche.

This exercise takes you beyond good marketing.
This is Apple level strategic thinking for giants.
Just because you are small doesn’t mean you need to be small minded.

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