Client Control

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Dec 27

Client Control

The #1 risk in any project is a rogue client.
When people do things your way, projects run well.

The client owns WHAT gets achieved but you own HOW.
When clients start swimming in your lane, trouble is not far away.

Controlling the client in a systematic way is something highly profitable companies spend a lot of time doing and testing.

In this month’s training we are going to review what can be done to train clients to become good team members on a project.

You will learn:

  • how to avoid scope creep upfront
  • how to control the client during the sales process and avoid being dragged along for months
  • how to get people to do things your way (the best way)

If you have suffered from projects that became unprofitable then this is your solution. This isn’t client management, this is client control.

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