How To Dismantle ANY Objection At Will

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Apr 18

​How To Dismantle ANY Objection At Will With Richard Petrie

In this training you will learn:

  • ​The secret behind any objections you need to know before you can dismantle them like an aikido master
  • ​How to apply the same technique used by Ronald Reagan in a Presidential debate to turn an individual or a group around in a heartbeat
  • ​Jonny Cash’s song ‘a Boy named Sue’ shares a powerful technique you can use to decode an objection into a two part structure you can pull apart and put back together any way you want

The other person will have no idea what you did and will walk away scratching their head as to why they ever questioned you in the first place.

How powerful is the ability to overcome objections? MASSIVE. Better still the entire training is not generic or one size fits all, you will learn how to applies these advanced techniques in ways that are 100% relevant for an architect.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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