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Oct 14
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Million Dollar Message Exercise

Communicate your value.,
If you cannot QUICKLY communicate your value then do NOT complain about having your fees questioned.
Fear not THIS exercise will force you into coming up with a specific high value result you can get for a specific high value client (that no one else is claiming to offer).
Your head might spin for a few days after doing this exercise but you'll be better for the workout.
WARNING Don't try do this exercise perfectly. Get ONE M$M formed and then feel free to improve it later on. You may need to make a few iterations over a few sleepless nights before you settle on your final masterpiece.
HINT You can make a M$M for all areas of your business.

  • How to create your million dollar message
  • The worksheet guides your future communications
  • You may even need to change the way you do business so that you DO actually deliver a high value result for a high value client



M$M Guide


Your assignment is to download the Million Dollar Message worksheet, go through it and fill it in.

Treat it like a "conceptual design" - subject to further development, revision, or being redone at a later point. It doesn't have to be perfect, however the more you put into the exercise, the more you'll get out of it.

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