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  • SteveSunderman says:

    I have an updated version more in alignment with my goals. How can I upload my new version?

  • JenniferWebb says:

    I have an updated spreadsheet. Let me know how I can upload the new version. But essentially, it’s the same analysis where I reviewed all of the projects I have undertaken, got paid for, and their corresponding niche. The Pareto Principle is very apparent here. 79% of the projects that made the most money for me was in 6 categories while the last 20% was in 15 categories. I reviewed 9 potential niches, but the top 6 is where the focus of my money is created. I could also look at where I got the project, whether it was a referral, contractor, or online as another layer to find out how to get leads. I’ll save that for another day.

  • CoGovers says:

    The statement should actually read like this:

    Co Govers is the go-to architect for luxury modern homes in and around Barcelona and wider Catalonia. With her team ZEST architecture, she builds breath taking custom homes that fulfil your every dream without compromising on sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • TanyaZaunbrecher says:

    It only uploaded the first page. The actual worksheet that I filled out didn’t upload.

  • VickyRead says:

    I left off the specific problem prior to uploading – 1. Dream Home, 2. A commercial need for a new place to make wine, 3. Dream winery experience 3. A commercial need for renovated commercial premise

  • PoojaBhagat says:

    Hi Enoch- i have uploaded the niche worksheet. I cannot access the next video session ” Dream Client List”. i get a message saying the content will be uploaded shortly.
    let me know how to get past this so i can go through all the lessons


  • ParitoshKumar says:

    Hi, Can I add another positioning statement for a 2nd niche? PK

  • ClaraDaCruzAlmeida says:

    I wanted to upload the 4 different statements I did _ as I identified 6 marketplaces _ but could only upload 1. Did send the others via email to support… Couldn’t the portal allow more than one document?

  • AparnaPatil says:

    Does my work look good??

  • OluremiAjose-Adeogun says:

    downloaded wrong file or file was in 2 parts

  • AngieTinson says:

    I thought the other two sheets would be able to be uploaded I’m sorry… Please can I upload the other two?

  • JohannaWhiteman says:

    Let me know if what I uploaded is blank. I may have uploaded the wrong jpeg.

  • EleanorClarke says:

    I upload a Jpeg my a mistake. You may be able to read it so I can upload the PDF version

  • EleanorClarke says:

    I meant you may not be able to read the jpeg version.

  • KelvinHamilton says:

    How do I undate finished article? I undated the wrong one 🙁

  • VickyWinkler says:

    Can I upload a new one? I forgot to include by overall rating of my goal.

  • NormanHooks says:

    How do I upload the other 2 sheets ?

  • admin says:

    This is a test comment by Eric Bobrow.

  • Basel Shoueb says:

    valuable content.

  • CharlesParsons says:

    Great Stuff!

  • Manuel Ulloa says:

    Thank you very much for the information architect Richard !!!!

  • Noble Ishmael says:


  • Eric says:

    Very helpful

  • Thank you guys. I am in

  • Abdelhak Chaoui says:

    Thanks ladies and gentlemen’s I’m in

  • JohnBlack says:

    I thought “Don’t care … Love design” referred to -my- take on design. If it’s the client’s take, then this is a 10: I want my clients to rave about our designs!

  • HouryAvedissian says:

    once you load one page you cannot remove it. I realized taking pictures won’t do, so I scanned and saved the multiple sheets as a single PDF to send them as 1 combined document. please remove this Jpg from your end so I can add the PDF

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