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Apr 21
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Goal Setting Using the 100 Scale

Let's now go through a process for goal setting that uses a 100 scale. 

You will select possible goals, then rate them on the 100 scale and then adapt, tweak or refine the components of your goal until you hit 100. Just like an architect designing a perfect building.

A 100 goal is a target where your heart and your head is saying 100 'yes's. A 50 out of 100 is only partly exciting to you.

You will see a live demonstration with Rene who goes from 75 to 120 on her motivational scale when she discovers what she REALLY wants.

You really should have been taught this powerful technique earlier.


Goal Setting Slider - Worksheet (PDF)

Design Your Dream Business



Master Plan

Year Planner

90 Day Plan


Your assignment is to download the Goal Setting Slider - Worksheet (PDF), go through the process and fill it in.

Treat this as a work in progress - subject to further development, revision, or being redone at a later point. It doesn't have to be perfect, however the more you put into the exercise, the more you'll get out of it.


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