Step 3 – VALUE

By admin

Mar 20

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Humans like to put people into boxes. What is your golf handicap? How fast did you run your marathon? Did you win your game? How much is your house worth?


Unconsciously we rank people.

The same happens when we hire professionals, are we hiring the guru or 'just another (insert the profession). In most cases it is in your best interests to be seen as being at the top end of your craft. This attracts top end clients for whom money is not their number 1 criteria. Top end clients generally want to hire people perceived as being the 'best'. Some of the rationale might be, a specialist is safer, gets a better result and will give the buyer more status.

The secret is to discover the psychology of moving up the power pyramid.

Premium Positioning

There are a handful of architects who are recognized as celebrities. Below the celebrities are a smaller group of architects who for some reason are perceived as experts and specialists. 

Then there are the rest, the ones who are seen as ‘just another architect’.

This training will show you what is required to rise above the average architect and how to become someone ‘special’. This process has nothing to do with your ability as an architect.

  • What all humans unconsciously do and how we can tap into this
  • How high up the pyramid you can realistically reach
  • Why there is no excuse for not applying this concept

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