Step 1 – FOCUS

By admin

Nov 16

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"Once upon a time, an architect took a walk through the forest..."

Let's look at the village called 'Archville' and find out which quarter of the village you live in. Once we know where you are we can use the Road map to get you to Sunshine Island, a place where some architects earn higher fees and win fulfilling work they enjoy.

Strategy Module Overview

  'It's not about 'doing things right but doing the right things'     Peter Drucker

In the strategy section you are going to learn the 'right' client attraction concepts before we start building your 4 client attraction funnels. 

We start out with Goals and Targets. As the saying goes, if you don't have a clear goal or target, any road will get you there. Let's get clear on where you're going, and why it matters - to you!


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