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Apr 21
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Let me show you how to complete your worksheet.

'But why do I need a niche? I am a generalist!!'

YOU may not need a niche but your marketing does. Marketing kicks when it is a dedicated to a specific market with a specific problem or specific needs.
When your marketing is dedicated to a niche you can position yourself as a specialist, which is VERY attractive to the top end of any market.

  • How to identify various niches
  • How to rate the niches
  • How to select the best niche using the 80-20 grid

Niche Selector List

Niche Selector Worksheet

Niche Category Creator


Your assignment is to download the Niche Targeting Worksheet PDF, go through it and fill it in. 

Treat it like a "conceptual design" - subject to further development, revision, or being redone at a later point. It doesn't have to be perfect, however the more you put into the exercise, the more you'll get out of it.

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