1 Niche Theory

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Nov 16
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There are 'riches in niches'

The danger in having a wide skill set is that you can appear as a 'jack of all trades ...master of none'.

While you can be an architect for a number of different types of projects when it comes to communicating effective messages to each category of client you are going to need one message for each market you want to generate leads for.

Everyone thinks they are different and the best buyers in every market want (and will pay a premium) to get a specialist.

So while you can competently handle variety of different types of projects  you are going to be best served by having one specialist message for each market.

Think of each marketing system as a fishing rod that catches one specific type of fish (client or project type). You can catch many different fish but you'll need a different rod with different bait and hook and probably need to fishing in a different location for each fish. 


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