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By admin

Aug 30

Which Online Platform is Right for Your Firm?

There are many different online platforms available to reach prospective clients.

Facebook has the biggest dedicated user base, with 2 billion or so active users every month. It has sophisticated targeting methods available to allow you to show ads only to people in your geographic area, and you can focus your exposure if you wish based on people's interests and associations. It can work well for residential practices, and may be worth testing for commercial firms.

Google Ads allow you to reach people who are actively searching for information. By targeting people in your area who type in specific keywords into a search request, you can make them aware of your educational resources or design services.

LinkedIn is definitely worth looking at if your clients are professionals or business firms. It is a highly respected and fairly active portal for businesses to share information and connections, and when you approach it the right way, you can generate very targeted leads for your commercial or institutional practice.

Additional training may be created at a future date for YouTube and other platforms.

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