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Sep 05

To enter the Lead Generation Contest, please share screenshots of one or more ads (or other online outreach) using the form below. Additional information is optional, however it will help us understand what you're doing better, and may allow us to give you constructive feedback and suggestions.

 - Eric Bobrow

Ad Image and Info

Use this form to submit a screenshot of your ad along with info about the offer. Optional: include details of your targeting or keywords, and your initial budget.

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 512 MB.
      Upload a screenshot of your ad(s)
    • Where are you sending someone when they click the ad? Please supply a valid URL. Optional: Include tracking parameters if you're using them.
    • What daily budget are you allocating for this ad, or for your set of ads?
    • What are you offering to the person who sees the ad? Is it your Project Planning Pack, a custom Monkey's Fist, a consultation? Please supply the title as well as a brief description.
    • What geographic targeting are you using when placing the ad, for example "within 50 miles of downtown Cincinnati".
    • OPTIONAL: List any interest-based or demographic criteria (e.g. income above $100,000) that you have chosen. For Search Ads, list the keywords.
    IMPORTANT: Click the SUBMIT button above to send your form in to AMI staff.
    DO NOT click the MARK COMPLETE button (below) until after you have done this.

    You may submit this form multiple times if you are running more than one ad, or change an ad significantly.

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