Facebook Pixel and Tracking Code Submission Form

By support

Sep 05

Online Tracking Code Submission Form

Use this form to submit code snippets for your Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc. The AMI team will install this code on landing pages that we host.

  • Paste in your pixel code here, or simply enter the Pixel ID.
  • Paste in your analytics code or Tracking ID
  • If you use Google Tag Manager - paste in your Container ID here
  • AMI will place your code onto landing pages that it hosts, however it is a good idea to place it on your website as well. ArchPixels (formerly part of AMI, now a separate web development company managed by Eric Bobrow) is available for a fee to place code into your website and/or do other web development including adding buttons, links, menu items or other integration of landing forms onto your own website.
  • Use this area for any additional notes or instructions for our team.
IMPORTANT: Click the SUBMIT button above to send your form in to AMI staff.
DO NOT click the MARK COMPLETE button (below) until after you have done this.

It is possible to submit this form a second time, if you get more information you need to send to us. For example, you may submit your Facebook Pixel code now, then later give us your Google Analytics code or Tracking ID, or your Google Tag Manager Container ID. 

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