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Sep 05

Contest Leaders

As of Friday night September 21st, the 3 week sprint contest officially ended. 

All told, 16 architects and designers have sent in 29 ads via the Ad Submission Form. Check them out on the Online Ad Examples page.

To date, 11 of the 16 participants have picked up new leads. These online ads actually do work!

Here are the architects who have gotten leads from their online advertising efforts:

  1. Roderick Anderson (Sarco Architects, Costa Rica) - 41 leads (opt-ins) + 6 incoming emails (20 points each) + 1 phone call (30 points) + 2 meetings booked (40 points) + 1 proposal (50 points) = 690 points
  2. Tim Alatorre (Domum Design, Rockland CA USA) - 4 leads (opt-ins) + 3 phone calls (30 points) + 2 meetings booked (40 points) = 210 points
  3. Caryn Paradis (Caryn Paradis Interior Design, Chester CT USA) - 15 leads (opt-ins) + 1 incoming email (20 points)+ 1 meeting booked (40 points) = 210 points
  4. John Kellett (Kreativ Architects, Kettering UK) - 7 leads (opt-ins) + 1 incoming email (20 points) + 2 meetings booked (40 points) = 170 points
  5. Dion Seminara (Dion Seminara Architecture, Brisbane Australia) - 16 leads (opt-ins) = 160 points
  6. Francis Klein (Francis C. Klein & Associates, Architects, Montclair NJ USA) - 16 leads (opt-ins) = 160 points
  7. Victoria Read (Aspect Architecture, Martinborough New Zealand) - 13 leads (opt-ins) = 130 points
  8. Stephen Pollock (Green Bee Atelier, Toronto Canada) - 4 incoming leads (opt-ins) + 1 email (20 points) = 60 points
  9. Johannes Wortmann (Wortmann Architects, Barcelona, Spain) - 5 leads (opt-ins) = 50 points
  10. Mehran Gharleghi (Studio Integrate, London UK) - 1 incoming phone call = 30 points
  11. Mark Benner (Mark Eric Benner - Architects, Northbrook IL USA) - 1 lead (opt-in) = 10 points

Kudos to all participants in the Great Online Lead Generation Challenge!

These architects and designers have brought in a total of 123 leads with a very modest investment. At the end of her first week of advertising, Caryn Paradis reported to me that she had spent $123 and gotten 6 leads; this works out to less than $21 each.

Imagine if 1 out of those 6 leads turns into an LCC, or a real project!

It's not too late to join in - these ads can work quickly if you have a good offer set up on a landing page (which you likely have already with your Project Planning Pack and other SIX offer pages).

Want to get started? 

Here's what to do:

  • Go through the Online Ads Training and decide what you want to advertise, and put together your ad.
  • Set up your account(s) on Facebook and/or Google or LinkedIn, if you haven't already.
  • Set up your Pixel and Tracking Codes to be able to monitor the success of your ads. Use the submission form to add the code onto AMI-hosted landing pages.
  • Start running your ad(s).
  • Share with us a screenshot of your ad(s) using the Ad Submission Form.
  • When you get a lead and/or if a lead engages with you in a further action (email, phone call, meeting, etc.) fill in the Lead Submission Form to get credit.

Ultimately it's all about taking action; simple steps that bring in more business. Online advertising is a small gamble (in terms of cost and effort) with potentially a rather large upside potential. Go for it!

 - Eric Bobrow

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