Lead Submission Form

By support

Aug 30

The Lead Submission Form below has a few quick sections to fill in:

  1. Your contact info - so we can see who is running the ad
  2. Info about your lead - this is confidential (will not be shared or used) however it does let us see that it's unique (not put in multiple times) and will allow analysis of engagement. 
  3. Info about the ad and engagement- where it's being run, for example Facebook or Google etc., and what level of engagement are you reporting (opt-in, phone call, meeting, LCC or design contract). 

In a typical sequence, the lead comes in first as an opt-in for a report or offer (submit the form to indicate that you have a new lead). Submit the form again when you have a phone call with that person. If things go really well, submit the form again when a meeting is booked!

In this contest, we award more points for higher levels of engagement:

  • Opt-in or Contact Form = 10 points
  • Incoming Email = 20 points
  • Phone Call = 30 points
  • Meeting Booked = 40 points
  • Proposal Requested = 50 point
  • LCC or Design Contract signed = 100 points

Obviously, the more opt-ins or incoming leads you get, the higher likelihood that you'll get engagement (some people will send you an email asking for more info, be reachable in a phone call, or actually book a meeting, etc.) and ultimately - win more clients and projects!

It's a numbers game - quantity gives you a chance to pick and choose - as well a a quality game, in that you want to get leads who can potentially benefit from your services. 

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