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Nov 08


One of the biggest mistakes architects make is not to ask the right questions. Questions are the answer. Questions can be used to find out information, they can be used to motivate, scare, clarify, qualify, quantify and move the prospect to the next step in your process.

The questions in this module will be worth thousands of extra dollars to you this year alone.


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Video Timeline

00:27 - What you'll discover in this video
03:33 - Sample question
03:54 - How to qualify your prospects
06:26 - You set the rules of the meeting
06:30 - Make sure decision makers are present
08:22 - Attendee questions
10:35 - Explain the purpose of the meeting
18:40 - Example meeting questions
40:17 - Participants` exercise
51:56 - How to address the 'budget' question
1:09:40 - Participant top take-aways
1:15:00 - Wrap-up summary

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