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Nov 08


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You step into an elevator. Your ideal prospect that is looking for an architect also steps in. You have 15 seconds before the door opens again and he either walks away or asks for your business card. Mr. Perfect Client asks you what you do…

What do you say?

Watch this module and you will work out exactly how to get Mr. Perfect to ask for your card.


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Video Timeline

00:10 - How to communicate with your prospect and get them interested
00:58 - Hook your ideal prospect in 5 minutes or less
02:03 - How the mind works (and how this applies to everything you say)
02:10 - The Tahiti, and why your mind is working against you
06:50 - The 'Iceberg' Effect
07:44 - Subconscious vs. the conscious mind
13:15 - The power of visualization (the 'Lemon')
19:00 - Another technique for 'hooking' your ideal prospect
23:17 - Metaphors: an example
31:20 - More examples
45:51 - Fast-track pitches summary

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