The FAB Formula

By support

Mar 18
How much would you earn if you could suddenly win 2-3 dream projects each year, (that you aren’t winning now), because you learned to communicate extreme VALUE like no one else competing against you. ($100,000+)

I bet you are sick of being treated like a commodity, sick of being compared to lower qualified designers who charge less and sick of having to discount your services because you cannot fully explain why you are better (when it should be obvious).Fees are only a problem when value is a mystery. So let’s remove any mystery. Let’s communicate such a quantum leap in value so that your fees and competition become irrelevant.

  • Use the FAB to communicate the value of anything in 3 simple steps.
  • When you are an expert you know TOO MUCH. Your explanations are perfect for another architect but go straight over the heads of your clients. The FAB Formula allows you to speak the clients language
  • Win the projects you want but would not have won when your clients are hypnotised by your ability to translate what you do into how THEY win
It is not enough to know you deliver value, you have to be able communicate and prove your value. The FAB Formula is how you do it.

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