The Blue Line Strategy

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Mar 18
How much extra money would have ended up in your pocket If you had been able to invoice 80% of the out of scope hours you did not charge for last year? ($5,000-30,000)

It staggers me how much out of scope work architects will do for free just to keep everyone else happy.

1) Maybe you fear the argument that unexpected fees might trigger - the client is already complaining about fees, so its just easier to do what needs to be done

2) Or maybe you justify by saying that your reputation is on the line, you need the project done right …so you just do the extra work without charging

Imagine being able to charge for 80% of the hours you currently give away for free now. Your billable hours go up and so does your income.

  • Discover how eliminating ‘out of scope’ grey areas happens before the project starts
  • Learn how to get specific about what is NOT included is as important and listing what IS included
  • Discover how to upgrade the client into higher fee packages (without any resistance) after the project has started.
Once you use the Blue Line Strategy you’ll never go back to your old way.

$100K Success Story - The Blue Line Strategy in Practice

AMI Mastermind member Bob Murphy (Murphy Partners, Toronto Canada) shares his new approach when clients request out of scope work, based on the Blue Line Strategy. His staff immediately sends them an Additional Services Notice (ASN) explaining why their request is billable as an additional service, which gives them an easy way to sign off and authorize the work for an additional fixed or hourly charge.

In just a short time this has resulted in $100K in additional paid work, with just $2500 challenged; all other instances were quickly approved. Watch this short video as Bob explains the process, and Mastermind members ask for clarifications and make their own comments about this approach.

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