Fee Objection Scripts

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Mar 18
How much would a 10-15% increase in your fees be worth to you? ($10,000-30,000)

Most architect undercharge what they are worth. The client gets rich and the architect gets ripped off. When you set fees based on fear of how the client may react, you are discounting your value. You need stronger answers when the clients questions your fees.

  • You will learn the psychology of true value
  • How to train your own mind to feel your value and project certainty
  • What to say: Use the scripts to melt the client's fee objections faster than ice cream dropped in a red hot fry pan.
You can raise your fees (and get what you deserve) because you can defend them with confidence.

1. Your Mindset

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2. Your Client's Mindset

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3. Fee Objection Scripts

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