Mind Targeting – Webinar Replay

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Apr 02

The Mind Targeting training webinars are shared with the entire architectural community as a public service by the Architect Marketing Institute. Each session recording will be posted here for the following week, then replaced by the next session.

If you have any questions about the mind targeting sessions, please post them on the private Architect Marketing Institute Facebook group page. If you are not a member, simply request access and you will be accepted.

Session 4:

75 minutes, broadcast April 21, 2020

LCC Method Pilot Program

There are still a few spaces available if you want to work closely with Richard Petrie in a small group as part of the LCC Method Pilot Program.

The LCC Method may be the best way to get through the next 3 to 6 months when no one is building.

For more info and to sign up (while spaces are available), please visit

Summary - Sessions 1 and 2

This 3 minute video quickly summarizes the high performance thinking patterns covered in sessions 1 and 2.

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