Baseline Survey

By support

Jan 03

Progress Tracking - Baseline Survey

One of the features of the Special Ops group is that we will be tracking your progress, closer than any group before.


We have heard great stories and had great results reported from individual members but the actual before and after comparisons have been hard to accurately define because we didn't collect everyone's starting baseline positions.

We want to be able to report that the average member

  • increased their fees by X
  • increased their revenue by X
  • reduced their # of projects by X
  • reduced their working days by X
  • sold x LLC's within the first 90 days


Plus I want to see if anyone is not making progress and why, so we can improve the actual steps and or how we coach you through the process.

Please complete this survey:

This will help us to help you.


PS - We do not share individual financial details with anyone else. But if there are any figures you do not wish to share then you are free to leave that number blank.

PPS - If you don't have all the information readily at hand, please continue through the survey and submit whatever you can without delay. You will be sent an email with your form responses, along with a link allowing you to edit the response and fill in or correct details.

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