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Mar 21

Sunshine Island App

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Welcome to Sunshine Island, the only all-in-one sales and marketing app for small architecture and design firms.

Watch this 9 minute video for an introduction and an overview of the system.

Jul 20

Profit Booster

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Welcome to the Architect Marketing Institute Profit Booster!

Thanks for joining the AMI Facebook Group.
In this mini-course, you'll get training, tools and scripts to:
  • Boost Your Fees
  • Eliminate Unpaid Out-of-Scope Work
  • structure proposals to maximize profit while making clients even happier to work with you....
Jun 21

The Blue Line Strategy

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How much extra money would have ended up in your pocket if you had been able to invoice 80% of the out of scope hours you did not charge for last year? ($5,000-30,000)

It staggers me how much out of scope work architects will do for free just to keep everyone else happy.

1) Maybe you fear the argument that unexpected fees might trigger - the client is already complaining about fees, so its just easier to do what needs to be done

2) Or maybe you justify by saying that your reputation is on the line, you need the project done right …so you just do the extra work without charging

Imagine being able to charge for 80% of the hours you currently give away for free now. Your billable hours go up and so does your income.

  • Discover how eliminating ‘out of scope’ grey areas happens before the project starts
  • Learn how to get specific about what is NOT included is as important and listing what IS included
  • Discover how to upgrade the client into higher fee packages (without any resistance) after the project has started.
Once you use the Blue Line Strategy you’ll never go back to your old way.
$100K Success Story - The Blue Line Strategy in Practice

AMI Mastermind member Bob Murphy (Murphy Partners, Toronto Canada) shares his new approach when clients request out of scope work, based on the Blue Line Strategy. His staff immediately sends them an Additional Services Notice (ASN) explaining why their request is billable as an additional service, which gives them an easy way to sign off and authorize the work for an additional fixed or hourly charge.

In just a short time this has resulted in $100K in additional paid work, with just $2500 challenged; all other instances were quickly approved. Watch this short video as Bob explains the process, and Mastermind members ask for clarifications and make their own comments about this approach.

Jun 11

Mind Targeting – Special Access

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MIND TARGETING - 4 High Performance Thinking Patterns

Tough times like now can create ‘stinking thinking’.

ENOUGH - while stinking thinking is natural for most people it is not useful.

Let’s end the worry and self pity, it’s time to roll your sleeves up and make your mind strong.

When your mind is strong you can take advantage of the amazing opportunities that pass you by every day. 

Now could be BOOM times for you if you are mentally ready to strike.

Richard Petrie

Your Mental Skills Coach

Before I trained architects to win better projects I trained professional sports people how to use their mind to get better results on the sports field. My first client was me. I learned how to stop ‘stinking thinking’ and apply the new high performance thinking patterns that I discovered.

By learning these skills I went from a struggling amateur who blamed others for my lack of success to an international competitor and professional sportsman within 2 years playing around the world.

Then when I went into business I struggled until I remembered the thinking patterns I’d used to be a success in sport and wondered if I could adapt them for selling. Turns out you could. 

After struggling for 18 months to make budget I went from bottom of the pack to the #1 salesperson nationwide, exceeding my yearly budget in the first 3 months of the new year. The company then asked me to teach the rest of the sales team in my local branch whatever it was I was doing. The entire team all recorded their best ever month within 3 months. Sounds too good to be true but it is 100% true. The mind is amazing when it is moved into 5th gear.

Join me over 4 weeks and I will GIVE you my secret high performance thinking patterns to try yourself. 

We're offering this webinar series free to the architectural community as our contribution to help each of you weather the crisis in the most constructive fashion possible.

These patterns of thinking are simple and can be applied from day 1. You will master each pattern in one session. As I said there is no cost for this training, I just want to see our community generating success in tough times. 

With our LCC method and the SIX program [the Architect Marketing Institute marketing training and implementation programs] you have the right sales and marketing road map… now you just need to get the best out of yourself so you can apply what you have. This training will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before (unless you have won gold at the Olympics).

You are going to learn and then drill in FOUR high performance thinking patterns into your mind to program yourself for success.

  • High performance thinking in tough times turns you from survive mode to thrive mode. Most people are stressed right now. Bad emotions are like bad fuel in a high performance car. Top performers in any field intuitively train themselves to run on high octane fuel like passion, excitement, fun and enthusiasm. Imagine if your mind was able to feel high performance emotions under ANY situation. Michael Jordan trained himself to WANT the ball during the clutch moments and become the best ever. When you learn how to control the way you feel you can nail your key moments and get yourself to take massive action.
  • Then let’s collapse beliefs and limited thinking that is destroying your life like a virus. If someone from a modest background like Muhammad Ali can develop so much self belief then so can you. I will show you how he did it and you can model the same thinking pattern he used.
  • The Green Zone, this is the simplest way to release pressure on yourself during tough times. By releasing distractions you can focus on the only TWO things you can truly control. You will use this for the rest of your life and I bet you share this with your children and partner, it is that simple and powerful.
  • Every great sports person talks about visualization but most people cannot ‘see’ anything. Let me give you a simple 3 step thinking pattern used by the greatest golfer in history (no not Tiger but he uses it too) that will turn you into a ‘zen master’ visualizer within 10 minutes. You will ‘see’ and ‘feel’ everything in detail and start to repattern your subconscious mind.

When I taught these high performance thinking patterns in the past I constantly get people coming back to me years later saying they still use them because they are SO powerful.

Life is tough right now but these high performance thinking patterns are tougher. Let me give you my secrets and help you drill them in over 4 powerful sessions. This training is our gift to those who need some X-Factor right now.

When you change your mind you can change anything.

Part 1 - The Green Zone

Part 2 – Identity and BIG Thinking – 2 High Performance Thinking Patterns

Mind Targeting Summary – Parts 1 and 2

This 3 minute video quickly summarizes the high performance thinking patterns covered so far in sessions 1 and 2.

If you have any questions about the mind targeting sessions, please post them on the private Architect Marketing Institute Facebook group page. If you are not a member, simply request access and you will be accepted.

Part 3 – The Jack Nicklaus Method

Part 4 – Beliefs

BONUS: Goal Setting

"Goal Setting: Getting to 100!"

It's important when you work on any program that you get clear about what you want to achieve. 
We ran a goal setting session for SIX members recently using a unique method. BOOOOM!!! 
Watch the video and do the exercise yourself. It is life changing to have a REAL 100/100 goal.

DOWNLOAD: Goal Setting Worksheet

Aug 30

Online Lead Generation

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Will Online Advertising and Marketing Pay Off for Your Firm?

The BIG promise with online marketing is, if you nail it, you can literally BUY CLIENTS.

For AMI, when we actively advertise we consistently get architects to opt-in for information and sign up for our webinars. A certain percentage of them will buy our training programs.

We keep track of the numbers, and the ROI works well. We put some money in, and get a lot more money out, while helping more architects like you earn a good living!

Every market and every niche is different.

Can you buy clients like this in your market?
I don't know but it is worth testing!

In this section, we explore different options for paid advertising that could bring in more clients and projects.