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Jun 07

AI - TECH - TURE - How to Use AIA to Boost Your Productivity

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Arthur Stefenberg made a great presentation to SIX members on April 2, 2024 showing how to leverage AI tools for productivity, marketing and sales.

Click HERE to download Arthur's PDF guide on this topic.

PromeAI - Conceptual Imagery as a Marketing, Production and Profit-Building Strategy

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Joseph Cohen shared how he's using PromeAI to make quick conceptual images that build confidence and enthusiasm from his clients, and how he's starting to use this as part of his marketing framework.

Here are some rough notes that Joseph posted in Slack to accompany his presentation:

Phase: Schematic Design Sketches

Photo to Sketch
  • ~Design Sketch – [Pencil] [hand] [Blue Print]
  •  ~Art Sketch – [Traditional] [American]

CAD Elevations:
 3D Elevations:
 Altered Picture, Google Street view (Renovation/Additions)

Phase: Final Design Conceptuals

Image Fusion
  •  Example Style Image [landscaping arch] [female] –  Render mode [Precise] – Style Intensity [set it low]
  •  Custom - Render mode [Precise] [outline] –Style Intensity [set it low]

 (You can add in your own images to reference from)

Hand Sketch

CAD Elevations:
CAD Floor Plans:
3D Elevations:
 Altered Picture (Photoshop)

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