Fee Objection Scripts

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Jul 20

The Big Fee Objection Bible
Money Objection Master Class

“Why do I need to pay such high fees?
I know what I want and my builder says he can do my design for free.”

A potential client is saying all the right things, but then out of the blue, asks a tough question about fees. This is your weak point, you hate talking money. You avoid the topic and always feel uneasy.

You take a deep breath, then you stumble, stammer and splutter a garbled response. You feel you need to give it another attempt, but this time you look flustered as you start to repeat yourself. As you waffle on for too long, even you are cringing and turn red.

You feel deflated after you muffed your lines.

The client departs on this note, you sense he felt uncomfortable too. He ghosts you, and you know why. You wish you had a calm confident response to his tough question.

If you cannot handle fee objections, one of three things will happen:

1) You will lose projects you should have won
2) You will cave in and reduce your fees
3) You will unconsciously lower your fees in advance, so you don't have to respond to fee objections.

All three options are crazy and killing your ability to earn high fees. Instead let’s master option 4. With option 4 you can bump off big fee objections as effortlessly as a black belt karate master repels a feeble attacker.

Click here to download the full guide to all the scripts for responding to fee objections.

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