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Mar 06

Once you have funnels up and running we need to go into promotion mode.

You are going to learn a number of my favorite promotional recipes. Choose the strategies that suit your personality. If you like to speak then consider public speaking and workshops. If you are shy then stick with writing and less 'out there' strategies.

The key thing is you must do SOMETHING CONSISTENTLY (that means every month).

The secret is to test and measure, test and measure and then test and measure. Let the results guide you.

Why Do You Need to Promote Your Offers?

To access the Promotional Toolbox, you MUST click the green button "TAKE THIS COURSE".
You'll find it near the bottom of the page; that opens up the links to the pages and sections.

OK, Got It. Tell Me How This Works...

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On this page you will find all the templates and additional resources that will help you develop your marketing system.

Note that many of the tools in the toolbox only have a single page with a short video or other resource. These tools and ideas are often very simple to implement. As you set up more of them, you will increase the visibility of your firm and improve the effectiveness of your marketing system.



We add in more templates and tools periodically. This collection will continue to grow over time so check back regularly to see the latest additions.

If you need any help, you are best to ask your questions at the weekly Q&A sessions, or post in the Slack 'general' channel or email 

We recommend that you start with the Dirty 30 and Dream Team Directory of Experts, then add in others later.


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